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REBROADCAST: Good For Business

August 31, 2017


Religious freedom expert Brian Grim explains why religious restrictions are bad news for everybody.


"Where faith is restricted for people, it makes them start to question: Does this society even want me? Do they value me?"

Religious adherence is growing around the world - and so are restrictions on religion. Dr Brian Grim is President of the Religious Freedom and Business Foundation, and has lived in many places where religion is heavily restricted. He talks to Simon Smart about why religious freedom is good not only for society but also for business, and why he’s optimistic that people of different faiths can live together well.

"Where you have religious freedom, and a rich pluralism of ideas, and faith is part of the natural dialogue of society - it’s not imposed and not removed - then you find better lives for everyone."


This episode was first broadcast on 13 February 2015.