August 21 2014

Life and Faith: Technology

New technology have an impact on us that we cannot ignore. Craig Detweiler is associate Professor of Communication at Pepperdine University, a filmmaker and an author. He joined Life and Faith to discuss the pitfalls and possibilities that technology and social media offer.

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August 6 2014

Life and Faith: Micah Challenge

John Beckett is the national co-ordinator of Micah Challenge Australia, which is a coalition of Christian development agencies, churches and individuals that aims to deepen people's engagement with the poor and to help reduce poverty. He joined Life and Faith to discuss the Millennium Development Goals and the fight against global poverty.

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July 31 2014

Life and Faith: War

This week marks 100 years since the start of World War I. Life and Faith discusses the process of remembering and interpreting an event on such a grand scale. 

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July 24 2014

Life and Faith: Child Abuse and the Church

Life and Faith draws from a panel at the Re:Thinking conference on the awful effects of clerical child abuse. The full audio of the Re:Thinking panel is available on the Radio National website. Simon Smart and Natasha Moore also examine the recent film Calvary and consider what contribution a piece of art can make to the discussion.

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July 10 2014

Life and Faith: Islam and Christianity

Richard Shumack recently completed a PhD in Islamic Studies and has just released a book entitled The Wisdom of Islam and the Foolishness of Christianity. He joined Life and Faith to discuss the differences between Islam and Christianity.

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July 3 2014

Life and Faith: Faith in the Public Sphere

Miroslav Volf is Professor of Theology at Yale Divinity School and Director of the Yale Centre for Faith and Culture. He is also the author of a number of books including A Public Faith: How followers of Christ should serve the common good. He joined Simon Smart on Life and Faith to discuss why religion cannot just be a private affair and what Christianity has to offer society generally.

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June 26 2014

Life and Faith: A Good Place to Hide

Between 1940 and 1944 an isolated plateau in France became the scene of a remarkable rescue mission. The village of Le Chambon Sur Lignon and surrounding communities, sheltered refugees from all across Europe. Their local pastor, Andre Trocme, led a secret campaign to defy the Nazis, which ultimately protected the lives of around 3,500 Jewish people. Peter Grose has written a book about Le Chambon called A Good Place to Hide and he joined Life and Faith to discuss the what drove the villagers in their rescue efforts.

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June 19 2014

Life and Faith: Lying

Is lying always a bad thing or is it sometimes ok to lie? On Life and Faith Simon Smart and Natasha Moore are joined by Barney Zwartz to discuss the importance we place on truth and if there is ever a place for a lie.

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June 12 2014

Life and Faith: Claire Zorn

Post-apocalyptic fiction is all the rage in young adult fiction at the moment from Divergent to The Hunger Games. Claire Zorn is the author of The Sky so Heavy an Australian novel about living in a nuclear winter. She joined Simon Smart and Natasha Moore on Life and Faith to discuss her book.

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June 5 2014

Life and Faith: Humour

Christians are often thought of as uptight, prudish and overly serious, but is this a fair stereotype? This week on Life and Faith, Simon Smart and Natasha Moore discuss Christianity and humour, and consider the place of laughter in our lives. 

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