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No Angel

May 25, 2017

An ex-con’s journey from prison, to a stint in the Army, to holding High Anglican Mass in London.


"I was never an angel, that’s for sure. I started to steal … but I wasn’t very good at it. I constantly got caught."

At just 15 years of age, Reverend Paul Cowley found himself in prison - and after his short stint, just under 12 months, Paul knew he never wanted to return. So, when he was released, he joined the Army.

"[The Army] fed me, it watered me, it clothed me, it enabled me to travel - and it developed me as a man. Taught me about leadership and character, taught me about responsibility and discipline."

But there was yet another unexpected change to come in his life. Paul ended up at a church and hearing about Jesus - and he liked what he heard.

"Whether you believe he’s the Son of God or not is another question, but I found the character really fascinating. I found out that he was a strong man. I found out that he worked with the poor, the lost, the marginalized, the broken. And I really liked him for what he was doing."

In this episode, Reverend Paul Cowley walks us through the colourful history of his life, and why he believes that anyone can change - if they want to.


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