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Two Years to Live

March 16, 2017

Phil Camden has Motor Neurone Disease but hope lights his path in the shadow of death.


"It’s strange because for the first little while you’re thinking: at least we found out what it is, we can work on it. But then they tell you there’s no known cause or cure – and you’ll probably be dead within 27 months."

When Phil Camden was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, he was told that he would gradually lose the use of his limbs, he would lose the ability to speak and swallow, and there was no known cure or treatment for the disease. Also, he only had two more years to live.

Since then, Phil has outlived the two-year timeline. He still lives with MND, but he also has hope.

In this episode, Phil takes us through the deep valleys of what it means to live with a terminal illness, and how he seeks to bring hope, light and freedom into the MND community – a world that is familiar with despair and fear.

"The process of death freaks me out. I don’t know what I’m going to be like when I can’t roll over in bed, scratch my nose, shower myself, or go to the toilet myself, feed myself … but death itself has lost its sting. It’s lost its power over my life because I truly believe in heaven and eternity. So death, for me, is just entering into another realm of existence and life which is far better than what we could experience here."


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